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A night in the woods of Bosco Mesola
DATE: 28/06/2017 22:55

Summer has come and it is time for a walk in the moonlight looking for fireflies and other beetles. In collaboration with Carabinieri of Biodiversity Field Office in Bosco Mesola (province of Ferrara), Life “MIPP” researchers organized a midnight stroll in the forest on Friday the 30th of June and Saturday the 1st of July. The initiative is supported by “Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Ferrara” and it is open to the public. These are the two-days details: on Friday, partecipans will meet at 9 pm by the entrance of Bosco Mesola (the walk should take about two hours); on Saturday, partecipants will meet at 5.30 pm by the entrance of Bosco Mesola to attend the seminary on Life “MIPP” project and citizen science held by Gloria Antonini, a researcher at “La Sapienza” University of Rome; later on, after a late-night snack, researchers and Carabinieri will take the visitors to the forest.