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A different coloured elytral pattern for each individual
DATE: 18/10/2016 13:26

At first glance all the individuals of Roslia alpina can seem the same, but instead they are all different. Indeed, the pattern of coloration of the elytra is different for each one. This characteristic was used in an approach of photographic identification of individuals and described in the paper recently published on the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity by the researchers of the MIPP project. Usually population estimates are based on the capture-mark-recapture method in which the individuals are captured marked and released, marking the individuals the researchers ensure to do not count twice the same individual. To try to reduce the stress for beetles during the handling and marking procedure the researchers of the MIPP used a software that allows the identification of individuals by pictures taken of the elytral pattern of coloration. This method was tested on the pictures of two years of work at ‘Parco d’Abruzzo’ and ‘Foreste Casentinesi’ and succeeded in giving the corrected identification of individuals.

Here you can find the complete article http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/icad.12199/full

BSc with the MIPP
DATE: 10/10/2016 11:00

Giulia Leonarduzzi received her Bachelor's Degree with honours in Science for Environment and Nature, 6th October 2016. Defending her thesis developed in the Life MIPP project and in collaboration with the “Parco Naturale Regionale delle Prealpi Giulie”, entitled "Application of a new monitoring method of Morimus asper / funereus, a protected species listed in the Habitats Directive: a case study in “Parco Naturale Regionale delle Prealpi Giulie", at the “Dipartimento di Scienze AgroAlimentari, Ambientali e Animali” of the Udine University.

Il progetto MIPP partecipa a ForestAmica
DATE: 03/10/2016 11:28

Domenica 9 ottobre i ricercatori del MIPP, insieme al personale CFS dell'UTB di Pratovecchio, saranno alla Riserva Naturale Biogenitca di Campigna (FC) nell'ambito della manifestazione ForestAmica.
Programma e modalità di iscrizione nella locandina allegata.