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In the homepage www.lifemipp.eu click on the button "Reports" and then click on "Send a new report".

In this page you’ll find some simple questions.
Some entries (with *) are mandatory, but the more information you provide the more useful the record becomes for the project.

Enter your nickname and your e-mail address in the spaces provided. The nickname is specific for each user and it allows you to find your reports on the map (your e-mail address will not appear on the map).
The e-mail address is needed to access all your records (menu: "all the reports") and to see the status of the reports you sent: accepted (and thus visible on the map), refused or in review.

The site where the species has been observed can be choose by clicking directly on the interactive map.
Alternatively you can write the GPS coordinates in the field under the map (the format is specified in brackets). For example, a site with latitude 45°12’ and longitude 10°44’ will be inserted as 45.12 in the space named N and 10.44 in the space named E.
It is also possible to specify the altitude.

It is possible to specify the position of the insect by selecting one of the positions proposed. You can also write a different the position if it is not in the list.
It is possible to select the habitat where the insect was observed. The date of the sighting is selected from a calendar that opens automatically when you click on "Date of Sighting".

Here you can upload a picture of the insect. In order to do so, click on the button "Browse"/"Choose file".
By clicking on the button "browse" you have the possibility to search the file on your computer.

The last step is to select the "insect-species" from the drop-down menu. It’s also possible to enter additional information about the sighting in the field under "Other information".
At this point just accept the "Privacy policy" and confirm the report.
We’ll send you an e-mail to let you know that a researchers of the project MIPP have received your report.
Once you have sent the report, you can find it in your personal section (where you can find all your reports on the map).