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  • Module A
  • The topic of the first module is the discovery of life in deadwood; a "hands on" approach and interactins with our operators the children are stimulated to think about the components and functions of the forest ecosystem, with a particular focus on the life cycle of insects and their key role in this ecosystem.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Module B
  • Employing different senses during the activities, the students experience the conservation work carried out by researchers to protect rare insects. For example it will be simulated to find Osmoderma eremita by scent, a new method that is currently being tested with the "Osmo-dog" Teseo.
  • Duration: 1 hour

For the students involved in the activities it will also be the possibility to attend a guided tour of the Nature Reserve and to observe the insects in their natural habitat and observe researchers during work. The booklet "Fiuto per la biodiversità" (the scent of biodiversity) will be given to each student.

Participation in the activities is free of charge.

  • For more information and reservation please contact
    Alessandro Campanaroe-mail lifemipp@gmail.com
    tel. 0376 295933.